Impact of the Interrelations Between the Cultural Dimensions and the Perceived Quality of Services on the Customer Loyalty. The Case of Polish Mobile Services Providers

Piotr Skoczylas
Université des Science Economique et de Gestion de Poznań, Faculté de Gestion


Customer loyalty is very important due to intense competition in contemporary economy. In addition, many companies operate nowadays in foreign markets. Therefore, the companies are obliged to take cultural differences into account. This research aimed to discover the influence of perceived service quality, switching costs and cultural moderators on loyalty. Geert Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions was used in this research. The data were obtained from 84 mobile phone users in Poland via a questionnaire. The results confirm that perceived quality of service influences customer loyalty. At the same time, among the group of people with high uncertainty avoidance, perceived switching costs also influenced loyalty.

Keywords : customer loyalty, relationship marketing, mobile services, cultural dimensions theory

JEL : M31