RIELF Submission Guide

General rules

The size of the articles should not exceed 25 pages (summary and bibliography included). In the case of thematic issues of RIELF, the size of the articles may possibly be modified according to the indications of the Journal. Texts must be original, not yet subject to publication or not being evaluated in other journals. Articles are submitted in electronic form. The Editorial Board retains the right not to accept the text for publication, to ask authors to change the length of the text and to modify the text in terms of style, language and title of the article. The articles accepted and after taking into account the remarks of the reviewers must be returned modified in electronic version to the Editorial Secretariat of the RIELF, at the latest 10 days after receipt of the remarks. Authors are required to cooperate with the RIELF editorial staff throughout the editorial process. Sending addresses for texts submitted to RIELF : krzysztof.malaga@ue.poznan.pl or kmalaga@aielf.org. Format and layout of articles:

The drafting rules are as follows:

  • Dimension (format) of A4 paper.
  • Margins: left: 2 cm; right: 3.5 cm.
  • Margins: top and bottom: 2 cm.
  • Text written in Times New Roman, font 12, line spacing 1.5.
  • 33-34 lines on each page of text.
  • For tables, the title will be indicated above the image and the source below.
  • For graphics and figures, the title and source will be indicated below.
  • Originals of tables, illustrations and other figures should be retained by the authors to avoid errors.

Structure of the article:

The article must be accompanied by the following:

  • First and last name of the authors (names in capital letters);
  • The authors’ home institution (university, faculty, department);
  • The email address of the first author;
  • The abstract of the article (200 words maximum), in French and English;
  • The keywords of the article (8 maximum);
  • Classification codes used by the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).
  • The content of the article:
  • introduction (justification for the choice of subject, objective and theme of the article),
  • the body of the text with titles of each section and sub-section,
  • conclusions and recommendations.
  • The bibliography should be presented in alphabetical order.
  • The article should be sent in Word format.

Article selection and review procedure:

  1. The Editorial Board only accepts texts that have been written in accordance with the RIELF submission guide.
  2. Papers proposed for publication at the RIELF are first selected by the Editor-in-Chief or Co-editor before being the subject of a blind review. Authors are therefore invited to provide for this anonymity.
  3. The proposals are sent for evaluation to at least two reviewers whose identity, whatever the circumstances, will not be communicated to the authors or to any other person outside the editorial process. The reviewers are selected by the Editorial Committee taking into account the recommendations of the issue’s thematic editors.
  4. In special circumstances, another form of evaluation, different from blind and anonymous evaluation, is possible. In this case, the reviewer is required to sign a declaration of conflict of interest in which he proves that the following relations do not exist between him and the author of the text:
    a) personal relationships (second degree kinship ties, legal relationships, marriage);
    b) relationships of subordination;
    c) scientific cooperation during the two years prior to the year of the article’s evaluation.
  5. The evaluation of the article is made in written form, in accordance with the RIELF evaluation sheet, with a mention that the article is accepted for publication, that it can be resubmitted after substantive changes or that it is rejected. The review accepting the paper for publication in RIELF may contain remarks for consideration by the author of the article.
  6. The article that has received two reviews accepting the text for publication proceeds to the next step in the editorial process. In the case of paper submitted for review that has received one review accepting the text for publication and another suggesting rejection, the decision is made by the Editorial Board. In the case of both negative reviews, the text is automatically rejected from the editorial process. The Editorial Board retains the right not to publish an article even with two positive evaluations.
  7. The reviewers are chosen from among the members of the Editorial Committee but also from other specialists including authors of articles already published in the RIELF.
  8. The RIELF publishes articles only in French.

The publication of articles is reserved for authors belonging to the Association, but we are naturally delighted to welcome new members on this occasion. The annual membership fees are 40 Euros (Professors), 30 Euros (MCF) and 20 Euros (Doctors, PhD students and the like).

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