Evaluation sheet

Title of the article
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1.     Originality: does the article contribute to the state of knowledge in the field, which justifies its publication ?
2.     Implications for research, practice and socio-economic life: Does the article clearly identify the implications for future research or for economic practice? Does the article fill in gaps between theory and practice?  How can research be used in practice, in education, in future research or as an influence on public policy ?
3.    Quality of communication: Does the article clearly explain all of the issues discussed by the author? Is the clarity of the message and the logic of the text sufficiently taken into account? Aren’t acronyms or jargon used too often ?
4.     Link with the literature of the field: does the article correctly refer to the literature of the field? Is the literature cited in the article adequate ?
5.     Methodical: is the article anchored in adequate theoretical frameworks? Are the research methods correct for the type of research? Is the research well planned and conducted ?
6.    Research results: were the research results presented and analyzed correctly?  Do the article’s conclusions reflect the research findings and relate to other parts of the text ?
7.      Technical aspects of the article: linguistic correction, style of footnotes, correction of graphs and tables etc.
Confidential comments to the editorial staff
Comments to authors
Reviewer’s recommendations:
  • Publish without modification
  • Publish after suggested technical and stylistic changes
  • Reconsider after major changes of the content
  • Reject