Quality of economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa : the case of Senegal

Adama DIAW
LARES Université Gaston Berger ; Saint Louis du Sénégal

Cheikh Tidiane NDIAYE
LARES Université Gaston Berger ; Saint Louis du Sénégal


The purpose of this article is to analyze the quality of economic growth in Senegal. Specifically, it is a question of the adequacy between the growth and the resources of national labor. The study is mainly based on a statistical and descriptive analysis of the determinants of growth and some indicators of sustainable development. The analysis shows that the Senegalese growth model does not translate into the well-being of citizens because of factors such as: the persistence of inequalities, the inefficiency of social spending and public policies, the lack of development technology, as well as the low level of transfer or adoption of technologies, not to mention, finally, specializations in traditional branches. The removal of these constraints should promote inclusive growth but also an increase in total factor productivity through a significant interaction between import propensity and the ability to benefit from foreign R & D.

Keywords: Quality, Growth, Inequalities, Sub-saharan Africa, Senegal.

JEL classification : C33 ; D30 ; D31 ; J24