Quality of economic growth in Senegal: a normative approach

Adama DIAW
Université Gaston  Berger, Saint-Louis (Sénégal)

Cheikh Tidiane NDIAYE
Université Gaston  Berger, Saint-Louis (Sénégal)

Abstract : The aim of this article is to offer an assessment of the quality of economic growth in Senegal. More specifically, it deals with the question of the  adequacy  between  economic  growth  and  the  national  labor  resources. The study draws basically from a normative approach. The analysis shows that the Senegalese growth model does not translate into the well-being of the citizens because of several factors including the persistence of inequalities, the inefficiency of public expenditures, poor level of technological development, transfer and/or its adoption as well as specialization patterns in traditional branches.

Keywords : Quality, Growth, Inequalities, Sub-saharian Africa, Senegal.

JEL Classification : C33 ; D30 ; D31 ; J24