Innovative applications in the agricultural sector: opportunities and barriers in the Albania case

Magdalena Bregasi
Agricultural University of Tirana, Department of Finance & Accounting, Lecturer of Finance

Abstract : The economic actors seek the innovative applications to advance on the economic development process. In this framework, this article analyzes the innovative application evolution’s factors, their opportunities and barriers in the agricultural sector in Albania. It assumes that the incentive of innovation has changed the behavior of economic actors fol- lowing the implementation of institutional changes. They geared toward their choices offer the best levels of productivity. The innovative applications identified by the multidimensional restructuring of agriculture during the past two decades. They had used to bridge the gap in development, but the capacities to innovate remains insufficient. Despite this, the innova- tive applications continue to be difficult conditioned by the level of culture to innovate, the transfer of knowledge level, the level of scientific research and the level of financial resources.

Keywords : innovation, new product, technical progress, innovative culture, research and development (R&D).

JEL Classification : O30, O33, O52.