Elaboration and approbation of a subject-oriented global intellectual capital index for comparative cross-country analysis

Université d’État Lomonosov de Moscou – RussieUniversité Bernardo O’Higgins – Chilialexultra@list.ru

Abstract : Nowadays learning, training, innovations and digitalization became key driv­ing factors of the development. In these conditions intellectual capital becomes one of the basic elements formatting economic competitiveness. Assuming that the intellectual capital complies the achievement of the majority of Sustainable Development Goals carrying out complex assessment of intellectual capital plays a particular interest.

The study is dedicated to elaboration of the methodology for calculating the global inte­gral indicator to assess the level of intellectual capital that could be used for cross-country comparative analysis. The authors present their suggestions on the elements of the index, content and structure itself of intellectual capital at the macro level ; elaboration of a system of statistical indicators for assessing the state and development of intellectual capital based on the analysis and synthesis of the available data, considering international experience in the context of innovative development ; development of a global integral index of intel­lectual capital for cross-country comparisons.

The results of express analysis based on the short-list of indicators are presented as well, highlighting leaders and laggards in 2016 and 2020.

Keywords : intellectual capital, structure of intellectual capital, global index, system of indicators, cross-country comparisons.

JEL classification : C1, F0, O3.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.18559/RIELF.2023.1.5