An analysis of incentives in the industry of Niger in terms of domestic resources cost

Maman Hassan ABDO
Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey (Niger)

Abstract : In this paper, it estimates the domestic resources cost coefficients (DRCC) in order to apprehend the major issues in terms of productivity in the manufacture industry of Niger. The values of these indicators are, in a large part, less than the unity to the applied change rate between the CFA currency and the Naira on the period of study. These outcomes highlight, all things being equal, that the scores DRCC are not very spread around the average, value suggesting it is possible to reallocate more efficiently the production factors for a better guidance of firms toward their comparative and competitive advantages.

Keywords: economic incentives, domestic resources cost coefficients (DRCC), market price, reference price, comparative advantage, competitive advantage.

JEL Classifications : D20, F12, F14.